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HNCA and ICBC Signed Cooperation Agreement

Release date:2014.01.11   Source:

As One of the Important Contents of Comprehensive Strategic Cooperation between Henan and ICBC

HNCA and ICBC Signed Bank-Enterprise Cooperation Agreement

Mr. Xie Fuzhan and Mr. Li Ke Attended the Ceremony and Overlooked the Signing

On January 8, 2013, Mr. Xie Fuzhan, the governor of Henan province met Mr. Yi Huiman, the president of ICBC. Representing the government of  Henan and ICBC respectively, they signed the comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement for building Zhengzhou Airport Comprehensive Economic Experimental Zone. Mr. Li Ke, the vice-governor of Henan province was present at the meeting and hosted the ceremony. Since HNCA was one of the main entities in the Zone, Mr. Zhang Mingchao, the Chairman of HNCA, attended the ceremony and signed the bank-enterprise cooperation agreement with ICBC on behalf of HNCA.

At the meeting, Mr. Xie Fuzhan presented the economic and social development of Henan province, the construction of Zhengzhou Airport Comprehensive Economic Experimental Zone and the growth of financial industries in Henan. He said, finance supported the advancement of national economy, as important as the “blood vessel”. The development of financial sector and economy achieved mutual promotion effectively. Currently, Henan was pushing forward reform and innovation, perfecting financial system, optimizing financial environment and strengthening financial services. As the remarkable results of these work, financial contribution to the economic and social development had significantly increased, at the same time, the financial market had become more dynamic. We expected that, ICBC could back the development of Henan province continuously, supply further support in credit and loan for the construction of core area of grain production in Henan, Central Plains Economic Region and Zhengzhou Airport Comprehensive Economic Experimental Zone, and make substantive progress in implementing the strategic cooperation agreement between the two sides. Henan would also actively support the business of ICBC and its brunch in Henan, create good environment, improve the service quality and achieve mutual benefit.

Mr. Yi Huiman thanked Mr. Xie Fuzhan for the meeting. He said, ICBC would further strengthen the relationship between the two sides, comprehensively perform the strategic cooperation agreement, continuously be in favor of Henan in credit scale and pursue effort to back the construction of Zhengzhou Airport Comprehensive Economic Experimental Zone.

It is reported that, HNCA will participate actively in the full construction of Zhengzhou Airport Comprehensive Economic Experimental Zone, and increase the investment in advanced aerospace manufacturing, high growth service industries and infrastructure construction. Meanwhile, ICBC Henan Brunch will follow up the progress of the enterprise’s strategy, strengthen the support to HNCA and attempt to achieve common development.

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