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Professor Zhang Ning from Beihang University secured the appointment as the Consultant of HNCA

Release date:2014.08.14   Source:

August 13th, Professor Zhang Ning from the School of Economics and Management (SEM) at Beihang University visited HNCA and secured the appointment as the Consultant of HNCA. Zhang Mingchao, Chairman of HNCA, Liu Jianbao, Vice Chairman of HNCA and other staff concerned met Professor Zhang Ning and held talks about the future development of HNCA on different perspectives.

Professor Zhang Ning is a noted scholar in aviation logistics field in China, and his research area includes transportation developmental strategy, traffic and transportation planning and management, traffic and transportation science, logistics management, logistics models, airport economy, comprehensive communication hub and others. Devoted most of his time to scholarly research, Professor Zhang Ning has been awarded the Second Prize for Progress in Science and Technology and the First Prize for Progress in Management from the Ministry of Aviation Industry of the People’s Republic of China, the Second Prize for Progress in Science and Technology from the Civil Aviation Administration of China and many others prizes. Professor Zhang Ning is in charge of more than 40 National Key Research Programs and more than ten enterprise management consulting programs. Professor Zhang Ning also holds several concurrent posts as the member of Beijing MBA Administrative Committee, the member of Aviation Technological and Economic Council, the member of the Youth Committee of China Institute of Systems Engineering Society of China, the member of Education and Training Center of State Economic and Trade Commission and the member of the Basic Industry Administration of National Development and Reform Commission.


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