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The HNCA sets up the Docking Mechanism with the Zhengzhou Xinzheng Comprehensive Bonded Zone

Release date:2013.07.29   Source:

On July 6, 2012, Zhang Mingchao (the Chairman of HNCA) and Liu Jianbao (the General Manager of HNCA) led team to visit Xinzheng Comprehensive Bonded Zone of Zhengzhou. The two parties held a meeting and communicated with each other about HNCA’s intention to invest in Comprehensive Bonded Zone.

To develop the comprehensive Bonded Zone, Zhang Yanming(the director of the Comprehensive Bonded Zone)said, both of the parties should conform to the situation, plan actively based on the aviation industry, build a good platform, improve relevant services, focus on the introduction of key enterprises , develop key projects , and finally form a complete industrial chain. The program of bonded zone has been basically determined according to the current development situation. Opportunity has arrived as the condition of development becomes more and more mature from various aspects. However, the platform for the development of the airport area has always been absent. We express our sincere welcome, congratulations and support for the HNCA’s visit today. And it’s recommended that the two teams should attach great importance to bilateral cooperation, establish contacts and build cooperation platform as soon as possible.

Zhang Mingchao said, after establishment, HNCA had been working very hard on exploring the way of development for the enterprise. The company had initially formed the ideas of development. It would focus upon seven fields, including covering Air Freight, Financial Leasing, Air-Logistics, Aviation Manufacturing, Real Estate, General Aviation and Cultural Tourism. According to the different situation at different stage, HNCA would make full use of the platform of aviation economy investment step by step.

During the conference, both sides had made specific arrangement for the future cooperation.


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