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The Opening Ceremony of China Southern Airlines Henan Co.,Ltd

Release date:2013.09.29   Source:

On September 28,2013, the China Southern Airlines Henan Co.,Ltd., which was funded by Henan Civil Aviation Development and Investment Company(HNCA)and China Southern Airlines Co., Ltd (China Southern), held the opening ceremony in Zhengzhou Airport Zone. The founding of China Southern Airlines Henan Co.,Ltd, laid a solid foundation for greater construction and development of Zhengzhou Airport Economic Comprehensive Experimental Zone, and will open the new chapter for the development of Henan civil aviation economy.

Zhang Mingchao, chairman and secretary of the Party committee of HNCA , and Tan Wangeng, General manager and secretary of the Party committee of China Southern unveiled the new company on behalf of both parities respectively.

China Southern, headquartered in Guangchou City, has the largest number of planes, passenger capacity per year and the most advanced and unique air-line network as well in China, . As an approved by the Henan provincial committee and government and state-owned and administrated enterprise, HNCA is mainly responsible for accelerating the development of Henan civil aviation industry, participating in both domestic and international aviation companies’ restructure and cooperation, leading the mission of developing Zhengzhou Airport Comprehensive Economic Experimental Zone. Currently, HNCA is concentrating on the development of civil aviation-related fields such as air transportation, aviation logistics, financial investment, aviation manufacturing, general aviation, real estate, etc..

The newly founded China Southern Airlines Henan Co.Ltd. will take Zhengzhou airport as its central hub of operation. Its main business includes domestic civil aviation(including Hong Kong, Macaw and Taiwan), international passenger transportation, international cargo transportation, and international mail transportation. Its registered capital is 6 billion, in which HNCA takes 40% share and China Southern takes 60%. According to both parties’ initial development planning, the new company will have a fleet of 35 airplanes within 3 years, which will contribute to consolidating and promoting its position as top airline company in Zhengzhou airport.


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